Wiesbadener Kurier - 02/12/2000

Blick auf Konzept und zwei ausgewählte Filme
des Film-Festivals Buddhismus im Film:
(A short description of the festival and two selected films)


Director and producer Hartwig Rohrmann together with his main protagonist, the monk Khemerato, will be showing his video documentation "Our life is like our Breath". Rohrmann, who lived for some time with these Buddhist monks, uses Khemerato`s portrait to explain the life and core philosophy of the Theravada Forest Monastery "WAT PAH NANACHAT" in Northeast Thailand near the border of Laos. Here a small international Buddhist community has come together to live the life of beggar monks, following strict traditional Buddhist rules, in harmony with the people and nature but above all to follow Buddha`s teachings. Rohrmanns camerawork gives us a beautiful impression of the daily activities of the forest monks, which begins at 3 o'clock in the morning and alternates between meditation, begging for alms, and the mindful monastic life in the search for Buddhist wisdom.


Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung - 02/21/2000

Impressionen aus dem Klosteralltag - Buddhismus-Filmfest im Caligari
(Impressions of monastic daily life)


Hartwig Rohrmann`s Film, "Our life is like our breath" - he was cameraman for Clemens Cuby`s "Living Buddha" - presents the ideas of Buddhism with profound knowledge and calmness. Besides the daily routine and spiritual practice of beggar monks, he also covers the social structures of Thailand. Set in the National Park bordering Burma, near the famous river Kwai, the film gives, in addition, an impression of the silent ecological battle of the forest monks for the conversation of the endangered forest.


BUDDHISMUS aktuell - 4/2011

The strength of simplicity


"Our life is like our breath", a film by Hartwig Rohrmann, is a remarkably clear and meditative story which describes the everyday life of a Theravada monk in the international Sangha of the Forest Monastery WAT PAH NANACHAT in North-East Thailand. Whether showing a jungle retreat, the colouring of the robes, the daily morning alms round, a house blessing ceremony or the new year celebrations, Rohrmann is always discrete and retiringly a part of the events.
It is the charisma of these tranquil images that make this film worth seeing - now available on DVD!