»Our Life Is Like Our Breath«

... like the growing and falling leaves

A film by Hartwig Rohrmann

about the archetype of Buddhism: The Theravada forest monk tradition

This documentary film describes in detail the daily life in the international forest monastery, Wat Pah Nanachat in Thailand. In this story, the viewer comes to know about the vipassana meditation practice and the philosophy and customs of the beggar monks through the eyes of a European monk, the actor in the film.


The filmmaker himself lived for some time amongst the mostly western forest monks, and succeeds in showing, from an insider view, the spiritual practices which Buddha set down 2500 years ago.


The feedback after the broadcast of this documentary in German Television (Channel 4) and in Swiss Television "Sternstunde Religion", (Religious Highlights), was unanimously positive.


At the "Buddhism in Film" festival in Wiesbaden (Febraury 2000) the film was excellently rated, and was judged, extraordinarily good, by audience and press alike.


On the event of the 2nd International Symposium for Buddhism and Ethics in Germany, the film was successful performed every day. On the website you will find the announcement and a trailer of the film.

Sponsored by the Thai-German Cultural Foundation